At the end of this session delegates will be able to:-

  • Understand the consequences of fires in the workplace
  • Use of fire extinguishers on identified fire types
  • Use of fire blanket

Course content:

  • Fire legislation
  • Fire triangle
  • Hazard and risk (signage)
  • Raising the alarm and personal safety
  • Evacuation of the building
  • Fighting the fire if safe to do so
  • Identification of fire types and live practical of various extinguisher
  • Liaison with emergency services


  • Participative workshop
  • Key messages will be delivered through facilitated activities
  • A variety of training methods will be used e.g. video, group work
  • Academic material will be delivered as support for the activities
  • Key concepts and models will be discussed
  • Experience sharing will be encourage
  • Handouts will be available

Live testing of fire extinguishers can be arranged.

This gives an overview of the scope of the workshop and will be developed further to ensure:

  • relevance to the needs of the participants and the organisation
  • current thinking and best practice
  • authenticity as to the individuality of learning transfer to the individual

It is anticipated that key topics to be delivered will be agreed in advance to ensure the fulfilment of the criteria for NVQ assessments, if required.